Global Souvenirs are the result of field kits that Nicole ships to individuals around the world. Each field kit contains all of the tools necessary to create a Global Souvenir: specific instructions for participants, one blank souvenir block, stamps with which to imprint the exact date and time of the souvenir creation, and an object of exchange from Nicole. Through the use of the field kit and the postal service, Nicole is able to facilitate the growth of the Hand Pressed Souvenir collection without actually being present for the creation of each souvenir.

Kits are shipped groups of participants who go on collective texture hunting walks in their neighborhoods (such as a group from the Sydney Architectural Festival in 2014) as well as to individuals who want to preserve one very personal detail from their lives (such as when Charlie Meyer traveled to Nantes, France to visit his grandmother in 2015 and made an impression of the brass knocker on her front door).  The singularity of each Global Souvenir heightens the importance of which detail an individual chooses to preserve. Some of the most exceptional stories and objects are imbedded in these Global Souvenirs.

The field kits are currently in the second prototype phase. More information will be made available soon. To request a field kit, please email (note that return shipping is currently at the expense of the individual).

Field Kit Prototype 1

These Personal Field Kits fit into standard size USPS shipping boxes for easy transport to individuals and groups. In this initial phase the kits are particularly compact for shipping or travel with a suitcase; they are equipped with the basics but not other features such as the exchange object (which participants keep), the information card, … Continue reading Field Kit Prototype 1