Tangent Souvenirs is a collaboration with Charlie Schneider that is designed as a participatory walk for small groups of people who are visiting Los Angeles, where both Seisler and Schneider live. Individuals who partake in Tangent Souvenirs have often never met before and don’t live in LA; much like a tangent line that touches an infinitesimally small point upon a curved surface, Tangent Souvenirs record the common point at which these visitors collectively pass Los Angeles. The first Tangent Souvenir collection was organized for a group of employees who were visiting LA from six different global Airbnb offices ranging from Singapore to Sao Paolo.

JUNE 13 2016

The first TANGENT LA event walk was organized in collaboration with artist Charlie Schneider for a group of eight top employees from Airbnb who were visiting Los Angeles from global offices as far away as Singapore and Sao Paulo.